Hair Growth Pack – As You Wish


Description: This pack strives to stimulate hair roots to enhance the growth of hair. With powerful ingredients, this oil deeply nourishes and revitalizes your hair and scalp. It promotes hair growth and aids in providing intensive hair treatment for a fuller and healthier scalp. Use this pack in conjunction with our Growth Therapy hair oil for maximum

Ingredients: This hair pack makes use of powerful ingredients that are combined with ingredients chosen by you to make the pack exactly AS YOU WISH.

How To Use: Take a spoonful of the pack in a bowl and mix with curd/ egg yolk to form a thick Paste. Apply this paste generously on the scalp and through the length. Let it rest for an hour to work its magic. Use Ang-Tatva’s hair cleanser to further nourish the scalp. Follow with a Gentle Conditioner.

Natural product
Suits all hair type
Cruelty Free

Build your own
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