Mosquito Repellent Oils

A combination of light, scent, heat and humidity work together to make human beings prone to mosquito bites. Different species of mosquitoes are drawn to different qualities. For instance, the malaria-carrying Anopheles mosquitoes are attracted to bacteria and sweat.

There are a large number of natural oils that ward off all kinds of mosquitoes and protect your skin. These oils also happen to be very good for the skin, and have numerous bonus benefits. Read on to find out more about these oils, and you shall see for yourself: chemical-free is always the best way to go!

1. Lemon eucalyptus oil- This repellent originated as an extract of the lemon eucalyptus tree, a variety native to Australia. The Environmental Protection Agency listed this essential oil as effective against many insects including mosquitoes.

2. Citronella oil- Obtained from the stems and leaves of lemongrass, citronella produces a number of compounds useful in perfumes, candles and soaps. When combined with vanillin, citronella has been found to be even more effective in extending protection duration.
3. Neem oil- It was found in a study that 2% neem oil mixed with coconut oil when applied to the skin protects the skin against various mosquitoes. Neem oil is most effective in repelling mosquitoes when combined with a carrier oil.

Similarly, there are a large number of essential oils that prove to be very effective in repelling mosquitoes: cinnamon, lavender, Greek catnip, soybean, tea tree and many more.

The Ang-tatva Buzz Off Mosquito Repellent Oil is a 100% natural-oil based insect repellent from the Ang-tatva range of natural products. With a combination of essential oils, this repellent wards off mosquitoes effectively. In addition, the components of these oils act together to nourish your skin, bringing a natural, healthy glow to it. The best part? It’s not even overpriced!

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