Benifits of Activated Charcoal

Charcoal, when treated to increase its absorbing power, becomes activated charcoal. This works quite well as a deep cleanser by absorbing dirt and oil, leaving behind cleaner skin that glows. This property of activated charcoal makes it a great tool in your beauty routine. Some of the numerous benefits of charcoal for the skin have been discussed below.


1.        Activated charcoal when used in a mask or a cleanser can reduce the skin’s oiliness, and balance everything out. If done once or twice a week, this will leave your skin looking healthier and noticeably more fresh.

2.        The slightly gritty texture of activated charcoal in soap form makes it perfect for gentle exfoliation, which can help treat acne.

3.        Cleansers containing activated charcoal can deep clean your skin, but only when used occasionally. If you use these daily, you might end up soaking up the healthy moisture and oils that are important for your skin.

4.        Activated charcoal can help in speeding up the healing process of cuts, skin irritations and bites and relieve the symptoms. When applied as a paste, it absorbs venom and infection, bringing down swelling and thereby reducing the pain.


In addition to these, activated charcoal has a large number of benefits for the skin. When used appropriately in the right amount, this can work wonders with your complexion.


Ang-tatva, a beauty shop that provides customers with natural, homemade skin care products, combined activated charcoal with natural ingredients to produce the Ang-Tatva Charcoal Face Cleanser.

The combination of activated charcoal with baking soda, turmeric and cleansing herbs effectively cleanse the face of dirt and oil, releasing clogged skin pores. While taking special care of sensitive skin, this face cleanser manages to purify your skin, consequentially curing it of excess oil, acne and other skin problems. This cleanser, unlike many others of its kind, is so gentle, you can actually use it daily without stripping your skin of any essential oils. You don’t even have to worry yourself about your skin type, because this product has got you covered irrespective of how sensitive your skin may be.

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